Smoked Steak and Roast – Modified ECB Smoker

Ok.  I know what you are thinking.  Smoked steak?!  Why would you do that?  Well, hear me out.  You like the flavor of smoked meat, right?  Sure you do.  But, you want your steak to have grill makes and a nicely seared exterior, right?  Hay, can't you have both?

The answer is a triumphant YES!  Here's what you do.  When you put your steaks on the smoker, start up your grill and get it nice and hot.  Then when your steaks hit 110F, pull them out of the smoker and pop them onto the grill.  All you are doing here is just putting marks on the steaks, so don't leave them for more than a minute.  The end result is amazing awesomeness in your mouth.

On this particular day, we also smoked a Beef Roast.  I forget what the exact cut was, but we basically did the same thing we did for the steaks.  That is to say, we smoked the roast until it hit 110F internally and then popped it into an already hot oven (like 475F) and then roast it until you hit the desired temp.  I think I did these to 145F because that's where I like my red meat.  Here's some pictures of the finished results.

Smoked Steak

Delicious smokey taste plus grill marks!

Smoked Beef Roast (finished in the oven)

Inside it's smokey goodness, outside it's roasted texture.