UDS Crispy Skin Chicken (take 2)

I was bound and determined to make some smoked chicken with crispy skin without resorting to the grill.  I knew it had to be possible with the Ugly Drum Smoker so I gave it another go.

I think I was so obsessed with this ideal because I once heard that it's one of the requirements for award-winning smoked chicken in BBQ competitions.  Basically, the judges have to be able to take a bit and pull back and the skin needs to be nice and crispy but also stay on the piece of chicken.  That always sounded like black magic to me, but I think I got the formula figured out.

Keeping all the intakes wide open and popping the firebasket into the smoker when it is still nice and hot, I was able to keep temperatures closer to 350F.  I also flipped the chicken halfway through the smoke so I could crisp it up on both sides.  I don't think it too more than 1 1/2-2 hours, probably closer to 1 1/2.

Here's some pictures of the end result.

UDS smoked chicken with crispy skin

UDS smoked chicken with crispy skin

smoked chicken thigh with crispy skin

Finally, smoked chicken thigh with crispy skin!

ugly drum smoker crispy chicken

Ugly Drum Smoker = Crispy Chicken